Numerous roads, bicycle paths and field trails allow our guests to explore central and eastern Istria utmost comfortably: from a bicycle seat or by riding an electric scooterif you prefer a bit more remote destinations. We rent these vehicles to our guests at reasonable prices.

And here they are:


At their disposal our guests have two simple mountain bikes. To one of the bikes, for you we can attach a bicycle trailer for two small children. As there are not too many steep hills or long climbs near our ranch, a relaxed bike ride makes a healthy way to explore the surrounding. Thought, a little more outlying destinations may requires some fitness. Some of the most interesting places that can be reached by bicycle are: Labin (8.5 km), Podpican (12.5 km), Pican (16 km), Rabac (14 km), Barban (23 km), Plomin (18 km) … Prices for bike rental are here.

Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Rental


Our fleet also has an electric scooter for two. Practical, quiet fairly fast, it can be driven without a driver’s license.

Vehicle Rental